Yes! You Wear Your Hair Extension Well! Make Sure You Don’t Neglect Your Foundations!

We are gettting our extensions, and getting them installed in those faboulous sleek ponytail styles, wearing those classy imfamous body curls that Former First Lady Michelle Obama wore at President Joe Biden’s Inaguaration, or that straight colorful wig that was made by the Wig Slayer! Hey… maybe we are that talented person that is sewing it in ourselves. No matter what the how is, we are making sure that it is fitting our everyday or weekend fashions! Let’s face it, as Me’couture Hair says, “Hair is fashion too”!

With all this being said, we must not…I repeat…we must not forget about our scalp and own hair underneath! Our hair and scalp should remain healthy throughout the whole hair fashion experience. They are the foundations that hold our styles together. Upon taking our weave out we don’t want to start having excessive shedding (normal shedding does happen, at least 75-150 hair strands per day), balding, dry scalp, matting. etc… We have to care for the hair we puchase as well as the hair on our heads. I am going to share some helpful tips!

Before you get your install: I recommend that you hair be in healthy condition

  1. Wash you hair. First with a cleansing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo (If you have dandruff or dry scalp you should follow the cleansing shampoo, with a dandruff shampoo, then moisturizing)
  2. Condition hair with good moisturizing conditioner ( a good moisturizing conditioner does not have alcohol as its first few ingredients, check label) put on plastic cap and leave in 15 min for deep conditioner and rinse and towel dry
  3. Apply leave in Conditioner to hair
  4. If blow drying your hair use a heat protectant spray
  5. I would reccommend that after the braids/ before the install, and before the ponytail, to nourish your scalp with a non greasy oil. You can add it after install. You can apply down middle of scalp front to back, ear to ear, and massage it throughout your scalp. You do not need much oil.

Please use these steps inbetween the next install. It will also help that when you wash your hair while your install is in ( see fAQ’ s for instructions) that you make sure that you scalp is receiving proper care and nourishment. Get a good hair non greasy oil to keep it healthy. I do sell a hair oil contact me by email. I will be happy to ship that out to you. For sewins make sure you have good braided patterns to make things easier for you. It’s okay to take the hair down to let your head breathe after a few months. You can also get your hair rebraided or retightened. Don’t let your hair grow old, matted and dirty underneath! It is only going to cause you an unnecessary headache that could have been easily prevented.

We can use hair extensions as a protective style while being fashionable and with proper care to our own hair and scalp we can have healthy growth…Our long healthy hair under the long or short stylish hair we wear!

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